Liz Edwards is a designer and PhD student, based at the HighWire Doctoral Training Centre, Lancaster University. This website forms a catalogue of ideas and work.

Digital Memories 1

RFID-triggered digital memories may offer a new perspective on the creative process and the creation of a specific handmade object. When interwoven within an object, they allow us to connect to the maker.

There is an inherent message or story in handmade objects defined by its human interaction. Its narrative is due in part to the physical and emotional relationship of the maker, the degree of imperfection from the human touch and the significance placed on the object by the owner. This layering of story or memory carries on through out the life of the item through use, that leaves physical marks of wear, such as dents and scratches. These stimulate, or hold memories of events as well as people and places.

The question as to whether this layering of “memories” and the open interpretation that the viewer can place on the object would be hampered by the capturing of these stories in a tangible digital form, is a difficult one to answer.

Omnipresent computing will change our physical and emotional relationship to the digital medium. As devices become smaller and are embedded within the environment there will be fewer artefacts to obstruct direct experience. As a result, people may become fluent with media ‘translation’ but the potential incongruity of these merging media is also of interest.

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